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we thought that our dreadfulness

might be a thing to annoy you with

I made this journal because I'm insane and need a place to vent about it, plus I get a lot of happiness from saying the word JOURNAL over and over again in my head. hee. Ummm so ya, I'm really weird so don't read this if things like blatant overexposure of Martian-like tendencies disturb you. Please, it's for your own good.

aesthetically pleasing socks, animals lacking teh fuzz, attempting to learn latin, beat-up converse, books that are good, chocolate, cookies, cute fuzzy animals, ice cream, instruments, jumping up and down, kthx on my wall, music, pleasantly colored clothing, pogo sticks, quesadillas, red gatorade, saying things like kthx, shiny red guitars, smoothies!!!, steak, summer, wanting to play instruments, writing on converse, youtube!!!